Thursday, August 12, 2010

LifE iS t0o sh0rT :)

To waKe uP in tHe m0rNing wiTh rEgrEts.
s0 l0vE tHe p0EplE wh0 trEat y0u riGht,
ForGivE tHe 0nEs wHo d0nt N bEliEvE tHat EvErytHing haPPenS 4 a rEas0n.
iF u gEt a cHancE, takE it.
iF iT cHanGes uR lIfE, let iT.
n0BodY saId it'D bE eaSy, TheY jUst Pr0miSed
iT WoulD bE w0Rth iT.......

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